Pleasure boating

72% of the surface of the Earth
is covered by water, yet it is
much less familiar than the land,
especially for city dwellers.

on the water

The city of Riga has tremendous access to water.


The majestic flow of Daugava river crosses the city and enters the Baltic Sea in the Gulf of Riga.


Only a couple of meters separate the street level from the water, but how big a difference this little distance makes! I will be happy to help you to discover this relatively less known aspect of Riga – by showing how being on the water changes the prospective.


Shorter or longer trips are offered, ranging from a couple of hours discovery of poster skyline of the city towers to the day trips to some more remote destinations in the bay of Riga. Several day trips are also possible, to the Estonian or Swedish islands.


Ask the Captain!

short tours

The Towers of Riga: c. 2 hours. Sit back and enjoy the city panorama slowly gliding by, including the Old Town, the National Library building, the President’s Palace, City Yacht-club, and – Andrejosta with its fine restaurants where the trip can very well end.


The Towers of Riga and the islands of Zakusala and Lucavsala: c. 3 hours. The same tour as before extended to include a tour of the two islands and, possibly a break for a drink’n’snack on anchor somewhere near Zakusala.


The Champagne Sunset: 2 – 3 hours. What can be better than to have a sundowner drink in the sea to close a day, a week, a deal, or to celebrate a special occasion? It would be a slow cruise down the Daugava river, past the industrial port sites, out the Sea Gates and in the sea,


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longer tours

Longer tours also can be organised in the sea – there is an abundance of small ports in the bay of Riga, for example Roja on Kurzeme coast within 60 nautical miles from Riga, which can be reached in some 4 hours. Local restaurants will be happy to welcome guests. The same applies to Salacgriva in 50+ nautical miles; city of Parnu in Estonia in 90 + nautical miles (6,5H) where a lot of summer entertainment is ready to receive arriving guests.


On the small Estonian island of Ruhnu (60+ nm, c. 4:30h) a rustic summer cottage can be rented to enjoy silence and rather untapped nature. Also, the bigger Estonian island of Saaremaa (99 nm, 7+ hours) with it’s picturesque capital Kuresaare is well within reach, as well as many others.


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amenities on board

There are comfortable bathrobes and fluffy towels available for guests. Also, some healthy snacks and water are always on board.


A good espresso can be served, too. As per prior arrangement a more substantial meal can also be served. For example grilled chicken breast or steak can be quickly served as it will be previously prepared sous-vide and just finished on board station.


dos & don’ts

Following onboard yacht etiquette is essential for making the whole experience memorable, unique and safe.


  • Do respect the guidance given by the Captain in all matters;
  • Do follow the barefoot rule on board or wear soft sole shoes (not street shoes) that won’t mark the teak floor;
  • Do be flexible on your itinerary (weather dependent);


Your captain and crew will do everything possible to follow your itinerary suggestions. But remember: safety is always the most important. Weather can throw your plans off course; it’s helpful to be understanding if the changes have to be made for weather-related reasons.


  • Don’t pollute the sea.
  • Don’t smoke on board.


Drinking rules. Don’t drink alcohol excessively. Red wine or soft drinks with intensive colour are to be avoided as they can spill and permanently stain teak or upholstery.